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Neurological aspects that make us gain weight

A network of neurons that connects the brain to the stomach allows visual and olfactory signals to influence, in different ways, people who want to go up or down weight.
A study conducted by researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel, reports the discovery of a network of neurons connected between the brain and the gastric basal electrical frequency.

This neural connection may be associated with the possibility of gaining and losing weight, because it provides data for a theory that believes that some people receive more stimuli when they see and smell food.

Aspectos neurológicos que nos hacen engordar

Study leader Gidon Levakov said these results suggest that “weight loss is not just a matter of willpower, but is actually related to much more basic visual and olfactory signs,” he says.

The study was carried out with 92 people who followed an 18-month weight loss intervention. These participants were analyzed using data such as waist circumference, age, and abnormal lipid levels, in addition to other behavioral tests and brain imaging.

The study understands that visual information is an important factor that causes food, since it is a meaning widely used by humans. According to the study, this sense is associated with the stomach.

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