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Invest what is collected from taxes on sugary drinks

The collection of taxes on foods that are harmful to health should be used for nutrition awareness campaigns, suggests a Spanish body of dietitians and nutritionists.

One of the strategies most used by governments to promote healthy eating is to tax food products that do not offer many health benefits.

Recently, the Ministry of Consumption of Spain proposed to increase taxes on sugary drinks.

The measure is celebrated by dietitians and nutritionists, however, they point out, it is insufficient. According to the General Council of Official Associations of Dietitians-Nutritionists (CGCODN), the income from these taxes should be used to promote healthy habits, or even to reduce the tax on other basic foods that are considered healthy.

The vice president of CGCODN, Paula Crespo, recalled that many low-income people find it difficult to buy healthy foods that meet their daily nutrient demands. “The childhood obesity rate in families with fewer resources is significantly higher than in the rest,” he says.

Invertir lo que se recauda de los impuestos a las bebidas azucaradas

The president of CGCODN, Luis Morán, has stated that “the important thing is to use this collection to finance mentality campaigns about the dangers of obesity”.

Another necessary issue for the improvement of the population’s diet is the appreciation of nutritionists and dieticians. They must be part of the public health system, and that schools can develop classes on food and nutrition, capable of raising awareness about healthy consumption habits.

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