Sports to regulate the body and mental health

The study Sports and Mental Health, organized by the online platform for psychologists Ifeel, suggests some sports activities to treat some common psychological disorders.

According to the psychologist Rafael San Román, from Ifeel, an interview for the EFE agency highlights that all the aspects that can enhance mental health care are of interest to psychology.

To carry out the study, the experts observed the results of the patients who used the services of the platform. “The question is to find the type of exercise that works well for everyone, depending on the objective they pursue,” said San Román.

To establish these objectives it is necessary to know the individual goals and limits, taking into account the context of each one in order to recommend a physical activity.

The study has associated ten sports with ten mental disorders that could help control both the body and the mind. But as the psychologist points out, perseverance is necessary.

For anxiety, the study suggests the practice of Yoga, which helps to control breathing, manage emotions and better understand the body itself.

For those suffering from depression, one suggestion is boxing. With movements, endorphins are released and mood improves. They recommend it primarily to improve self-esteem.

To avoid panic attacks, Pilates is a good alternative, as it helps control impulses, but offers concentration and calm.

Running is recommended for those who have difficulty sleeping. The benefits of running can be seen in better blood circulation and heart rate, which helps the body relax.

The lack of social skills, which is often related to difficulties in relationships, communication problems and self-esteem, can be controlled with the habitual practice of a team sport. For example, soccer, volleyball, basketball, among others, which helps cooperative practice.

On the other hand, for those who cannot be alone, swimming is a good option to develop attention to oneself, disconnect from the outside and seek well-being in solitude.

The Master in Psychology of Physical Activity and Sport, promoted by FUNIBER, provides concepts, strategies and tools for professionals in the psychology of physical activity and sport to plan, develop and adequately evaluate proposals for mental training and psychological.